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About This Project

The Sentinel is a mixed use development in the central part of the city, bounded by Loop and Leeuwen Streets. The building has a gross construction area of 16,00m2, the site being 900m2.
There are two levels of retail due to the steep aspect of Leeuwen Street, with two basement parking levels and six stories of parking above the retail totalling 125 parking bays.
The remaining 11 stories accommodate the 96 apartments – bachelors, one, two bed and 3 bed duplex penthouses. The building totals 19 stories in height.
The concept developed from long discussions with the local authority, where the zoning scheme calls for a ziggurat type from, which the architects, as well as heritage Committee, felt would be detrimental to the city scape and consequently two years were spent obtaining certain departures to try and limit the feeling of the ziddurat.
There is a distinct two story feel at the street level to respond to the scale of the existing fabric of the surrounding properties. There is a podium of 24m before the setback of the main structure of the residential block.
There was also a conscious effort to try and fragment the facades by layering the building both with the setbacks, and facades of sliding shutters, and louvred pergolas.